Corrosion Of Conformity ‘In The Arms Of God’ CD 2005

Corrosion Of Conformity 'In the Arms of God' CD 2005Its almost scary to think that it’s been over ten years since Deliverance blew my stereo speakers, and keeping with the tradition that has now become accustomed to COC they’ve returned with a furious album that breathes new life into their extensive history.

What is instant with this release is how raw and filled with attitude the songs are, while still incorporating guitar solos and traditional song structures (something I know deep down inside we all crave now and again). It stands its ground firmly when placed next to previous offerings, only this time allowing for more of a heavy rock approach. Further listens reveal the density of ‘In The Arms of God’, the attention to detail and pacing brings individuality to each song but works extremely well as a whole body of work.

The adrenaline seeps out through Peppers unmistakable vocals and sludgy riffs, even bringing the band back to a heavier sound than the one which was displayed on ‘Americas Volume Dealer’, which I must say is by far their weakest album to date. But any doubts about whether they’re here to rock or appeal are burned away with this lush yet pounding release. This is a welcome addition to the Corrosion Of Conformity discography which will hopefully inject some new life into this imaginative and hard rocking band. Although the evolution of this band seems to have found some comfortable ground, for those familiar with the COC sound it still gives a nod to its hardcore roots in ‘War’ while retaining the drenched in southern comfort sound.

Label: Sanctuary Records

Scribed by: Dom Finbow