Review: Coffin Torture ‘Blennoid’

Saying a band or song ‘slaps’ is currently a popular turn of phrase. Personally, I want heavy music to punch me in the face instead, slapping just won’t do, and South Carolina’s Coffin Torture does just that with their sophomore full-length, Blennoid, which was released on October 7th via Sludgelord Records.

Coffin Torture 'Blennoid'

I was surprised to learn that Coffin Torture is the duo of Thorfin (guitars, bass, vocals) and Blind Samson (drums, keys, samples), as the pummeling they deliver sounds as if it was written by a full band. Just go listen to 2018s Dismal Planet and this year’s Blennoid album for proof of this statement.

The overall tone of this album is devastatingly heavy, the guitars are fuzzed out, distorted and gloriously sludgy, and the vocals are of the blackened variety, lending yet another layer to the Coffin Torture onion.

One of the layers that we can peel off is the obvious death metal influence of Confessor, a slow tempo burner that has Morbid Angel vibes throughout; we’re talking Covenant and Domination eras of Morbid Angel here. That influence helps to make this my favorite track, and I’m sure many of you will feel the same way; it is pure power from the opening drum beat to the last cymbal crash.

Coffin Torture makes music that is sure to cave your head in with its sheer power…

Blennoid is gritty and befitting of being the title track of this album. Coffin Torture kept the Morbid Angel influence going and added in some Entombed for good measure. I really dig the drums here, particularly at about the midpoint of the song where they stand out amongst the devastation of the guitars, vocals, and bass.

The album begins with Ukhsen Üul, a six-minute journey into the wasteland that sets the tone for every other track on this record. They chose to go for an almost black ‘n’ roll sound in certain spots, an ingredient that aptly fits into the sludge ridden musical theme that pervades all of Blennoid. The vocals are suited to the music and performed to perfection as well.

Coffin Torture makes music that is sure to cave your head in with its sheer power, nothing here ‘slaps’ because it full-on punches you with its presentation, skill, and talent, ravaging the listener with everything that fans of the band want, and expect.

Label: Sludgelord Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Tom Hanno