Review: Cheap Coffins ‘Terror Amazonia’

Cheap Coffins’ debut long player, Terror Amazonia from the one man show Troy Koglin, was released in March of 2021. The album artwork loosely resembles the stag man from the horror TV series Hannibal and features the word ‘terror’ in the title, there is however, still a hint of optimism woven through the albums darker industrial rock vibes.

Cheap Coffins 'Terror Amazonia'

It’s an album that isn’t afraid to explore other soundscapes as Koglin switches from guitar to synths while holding it all together with a dynamic vocal performance and driving drumbeats. Thanks to lockdowns in 2020, Koglin utilised the time to allow the album and vision to mature into a focused work of art that is usually achieved after album number 1. It’s a good time to dive back into the horror-verse as Cheap Coffins prepares to release a live recording of the album from the Wet Shoe Club in Wollongong, Australia.

Liminal Self has the driving beats, industrial synths and Koglin’s vocals giving the song purpose and drive. Different versions of this recipe are evident across the album, however by switching between guitar and synths to provide the rhythm section, each song has its own soundscape which is personified by the time If We Die Tonight has played a few bars blurring the line between its preceding track.

Koglin switches from guitar to synths while holding it all together with a dynamic vocal performance and driving drumbeats…

God Mirror and Gorefield are where the album starts to show its teeth, or maybe it should be antlers in this case. The looping octave rhythm of God Mirror is played just at the right tempo to grab the attention reminiscent of a stripped back Tool section. Gorefield brings an uneasy trepidation as it leans on your neck only to release with its half-time breakdown.

Interestingly, Amazonia is atmospherically softer allowing the album to become more dream-like as it takes a breath without any overtures of terror, as the album title would suggest for this track. The fear is leeched back into the album with the progressive closer A Face Full Of Stars as it builds to a sonically satisfying conclusion.

Saturday 25th September saw the premiere of the live recording of Terror Amazonia under the title Amazonia’s Gift at the Wet Shoe Club in Wollongong. Koglin faithfully plays the album live, looping and juggling each instrument yet still finding time to immerse himself into his creation. He also shares the stage with a version of the stag man and an artist wearing nothing but three strategically placed leaves that are eventually covered in paint. Give the album a couple of spins first then watch the Cheap Coffins experience over on YouTube.

Label: Independent
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Scribed by: Maxx