Review: Caustic Casanova ‘Glass Enclosed Nerve Center’

I love when you randomly discover a band and it just clicks right away. Then you have to explore everything they have ever released and soak it all in. It’s even better when you then find out the band is putting out a new album! I’m obviously describing Caustic Casanova here. One day Donut And The Golden Hen popped on as a suggested song and how can you not stop what you’re doing and listen to it in its entirety. I’d love to ramble on about it, but this review isn’t about God How I Envy The Deaf. I do suggest you listen to that album ASAP though.

Caustic Casanova 'Glass Enclosed Nerve Center'

This review IS about Caustic Casanova’s new release Glass Enclosed Nerve Center and I have a lot to say about that. Releasing 7th October, the five-track album is enclosed in a gatefold vinyl and features artwork that draws you in. It’s colorful with vector style art containing unique birds and trees. I love it and continues a similar style used on previous albums. It’s fitting because to me, both the artwork and the music can be described as fun.

Fun. There’s a word I wouldn’t typically use to describe any of the music I listen to, but when I turn on a Caustic Casanova track, I can immediately envision the members having the time of their lives playing music. Anubis Rex is a perfect example and starts this killer album off right. High energy is packed into a ‘short’ four-minute track that constantly keeps you guessing what’s coming next. There is no repetition, but it still flows smoothly leading into Lodestar with a powerful 1, 2, 3 drum beat and accompanying riffs, then silence.

Lodestar has a unique intro (as do most songs on this album) and gives me a little Voodoo Chile vibe. That quickly transitions into a catchy vocal performance by Stefanie Zaekner (drums, vocals). Yes, you read that correctly, Zaeckner sits behind the kit while singing, and listening to the impressive intricate drumming style of hers, it’s truly amazing she sings as well. Bassist and Vocalist Francis Beringer sings backing vocals harmonizing with Zaekner and they sound fantastic together. He also takes over lead vocals for a short time on this track. Lodestar was released as a single and it’s easy to hear why because after listening I find myself humming it throughout the day since I can’t sing.

A Bailar Con Cuarentena has another unique intro with a bouncy riff and cowbell! The energy remains high like their previous efforts with Berlinger taking the forefront of vocals. This riff monster of a track showcases the faultless work of dueling guitarists Andrew Yonki and Jake Kimberley playing off each other with ease.

Glass Enclosed Nerve Center is a wild journey throughout, constantly throwing something new and unexpected at you…

Yonki and Kimberly continue their exquisite work on Shrouded Coconut. Zaekner and Berlinger create a groovy rhythm making it virtually impossible not to move. The vast changes throughout are interesting but strung together so well that it still sounds like one continuous song. The bands inspirations are far reaching and translate in the music. I noticed a Melvins shirt in one of their pictures and I can hear it. I actually get more of a Fantômas vibe musically at times, but way more cohesive than that trippy band. Truly impressive and a great lead into the final track of the album.

I imagine Caustic Casanova in rehearsal discussing their new album and saying, ‘Want to start this song a cappella?’ ‘Sure, let’s do it.’ ‘Want to add some shoegazy tones, we haven’t done that yet?’ ‘Alright!’ ‘Hey, let’s make it twenty-two minutes long!’ ‘Fuck yeah!’ And then the masterpiece of Bull Moose Against The Sky was born. Berlinger’s voice is great a capella and Zaekner harmonizing elevates the song further. It has an Irish marching feel and the drums that come in shortly after definitely feed that vibe.

Again, the song takes many twists and turns to keep you interested throughout its twenty-two-minute journey, which these days is difficult to hold someone’s attention that long. With my rambling I’m sure I lost a lot of readers by now, Caustic Casanova, however, captivates their audience and you don’t want the song to end. I believe they felt the same way which is why they recorded such a long track!

Glass Enclosed Nerve Center is a wild journey throughout, constantly throwing something new and unexpected at you. It’s also well executed, the band is unafraid to take risks and just have fun with what they are creating. I’d imagine when Caustic Casanova performs live, I don’t believe they are playing a gig but rather throwing a party!

Label: Magnetic Eye Records
Band Links: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

Scribed by: Josh Schneider