Cop Problem – S/T – 7″ 2012

Cop Problem - S/T - 7" 2012Three furiously bellicose tracks of savage tanked-up fucked-off hardcore that the Americans now like to call d-beat or crust. Oooh, soz for sounding a little acerbic there. Still, whatever you fucking call it, this is right yummy. What makes it most delicious are the brilliant vocals of singer Deb Cohen. She has the kind of punk rock and dole as dirty fucking fuck voice that makes this really worth listening to – her vocal tone is so absolutely raw and throaty and real it makes my weeping heart pound in its bone-cage. Truly one of the best voices I’ve heard in a long time, and I’m not just saying that because she’s a woman. Oh no madam. I’m a proud male feminist – I’m not judging her especially glowingly because she’s ‘holding her own’ against all the gruff men, she’s merely better than a lot of other vocalists around at the mo, regardless of ownership of cock or cunt (or both).

The music is pretty good too, nowt particularly outstanding, but still good solid punk rock noise that kicks you square up the anus with a big Dr. Martin boot. ‘Monuments’ and ‘Along for the Ride’ snort along at a cracking pace like headless chickens with fireworks in their rectums. ‘Blinded by Power’ is a longer and more brooding track that tops off this little extended play very nicely indeed. Blitzkrieg drumming with Ninja precision, groaning juddering bass and blurring power chords spitting out like electrified flecks of hate all add up to a sheer HC enjoyment like it’s 1985 and I’m listening to an Alternative Tentacles compilation in a small bedroom somewhere in the bland Midlands.

Another point I want to make is that it’s heartening to see a few more bands starting to get political again, even if one suspects there is something distinctly ‘fashionable’ about some of the posturing of the average North American crusty. In truth there is more to fucking rant about if you are locked into the deregulated blanket capitalism of the USA than many other ‘developed’ countries. There is only so much of horned frost giants and blood red skies over Mars that one can stomach without some kind of recourse to the horrible reality of state violence state control – whether you are unlucky enough to live in Iran, Syria, North Korea or a more ‘democratic’ yet still flawed Western society. The issues that punk screamed about are still here, and they are staring you in the face my friend. Remember – you are not a feeble bastard, you are not a fucking scapegoat. Now drink some cider.

Label: Prejudice Me Records / War Torn Records

Scribed by: Adam Stone