Capricorns ‘River, Bear Your Bones’ CD 2008

Capricorns 'River, Bear Your Bones' CD 2008Hands up who thought ‘Ruder Forms Survive’ was one of the better releases of 2005? Well, I got my arm up and I assume a fair few of you lot have yours up too, so arms down now as it’s time to focus on the 2008 release by said band. With an equally ambiguous title as its predecessor it ebbs and flows in the same fluent way ‘Ruder Forms…’ did. With that translucent instrumental electric surge of tracks like ‘Broken Coffin of the Venerable King’ and ‘Seventh Child of a Seventh Child’ it maintains that gloriously caffeinated energy within the riffs and a highly dynamic juxtaposition of all the elements we now know as trademark Capricorns.

So how does it compare to the bands debut, well very well it would seem. When considering we are talking about a band that lost most of the original line-up in between releases including the bands songwriter in chief. It is quite amazing they have managed to create an album as solid as this, that said it’s never going to be good move to kick out your main songwriter. ‘River’ has some truly satisfying moments such as the swirling build of ‘Tempered with the Blood of Beasts’ and the downbeat lull of ‘Owing to the Fogs’.

It is therefore sad that this album would appear to the bands final output as the beast known as Capricorns was put to rest shortly after the records release. Leaving us bidding an unexpected and poignant farewell to one of this isles most diverse and interesting acts in recent years. Tis a shame and a loss to our music scene indeed.

Label: Rise Above Records

Scribed by: Andrew Sloan