Review: Burner ‘A Vision Of The End’ EP

Is blackened-death-thrashy-grindcore even a sub-genre yet? If so, London’s Burner fits into that description quite nicely, and if not, then I think I just created it! Their upcoming EP, A Vision Of The End, will be released June 17th via Church Road Records, and it encompasses all of those genre tags plus a hell of a lot more.

Burner 'A Vision Of The End'

The six songs on this EP are all as heavy as anything else you’re likely to hear this June, ranging from the chaotic sounds of grindcore to the driving chug of thrash, and all with an extreme form of vocals that fit perfectly with the music.

The first track, Ingsoc, begins with squealing feedback followed by a heavily distorted bass guitar. The full band comes in, adding to the anticipation that the slow tempo is building. Then it’s pure anarchy for the verses, full of mathcore intensity, an incredible vocal performance, and all the power that you’d expect from a band in this genre. The rest of the song is a devastating punch to the face, but one that you’ll welcome any day of the week.

ranging from the chaotic sounds of grindcore to the driving chug of thrash…

Death Worship starts off with a slightly trashy Mr. Bungle, but that doesn’t last long as the track evolves into a blackened hardcore thrash meets grindcore assault on the listener. This track slams from beginning to end, which is only two minutes and sixteen seconds, but that time is intense and amazing.

The EP ends with Rat King Crown and its hardcore attack, with that influence becoming blackened as the track races to its end. There’s an Earth Crisis vibe to the riffs, and the vocals are incredible once again. I think that this is the best song on the EP due to its heavy hardcore riffing.

Pre-orders are available on their Bandcamp page, as well as the Church Road Records webstore, so head over and maybe order yourselves a copy of this crushing EP!

Label: Church Road Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

Scribed by: Tom Hanno