Bombus – 7″ 2009

Bombus - 7" 2009Bugger it, some bands really don’t make it easy by creating a sound that really does defy description!!! This Swedish 3 piece from Gothenburg (who feature a guest drummer when performing live) are one of those special kind of bands that creates a unique sound without actually sucking a big one…in fact, this is fucking awesome stuff!!!

The first thing that strikes you about this release is the fantastic D.I.Y nature of the whole thing. Pressed on swirly snot green vinyl with what appears to be a self printed label and sleeve this harks back to the good old days of punk rock before computers made everything look horrible and professional…a curse on Photoshop!!! I can just picture these guys sat round in their home painstakingly packaging up each one of these beautiful pieces of plastic!!! I have to admit I had fallen in love with this band before I even got as far as placing this on my turntable. The fact that this single comes with the larger central hole compounded my frustration as I had to search for an adapter to even be able to play the bloody thing!!! It was certainly worth the wait!!!

The brief biography that accompanied this release claims the band are influenced by The Melvins, Pentagram and Poison Idea…yeah, why not, I have no better way to describe it as the overall sound falls into some weird no-mans land populated by a barrage of guitars, belched vocals and thundering drums. Of the two tracks, “Bring me The Head Of Your Dog” is the more direct and brutal mixing up the beefed up experimental sludge of someone like the Melvins with a distinct hardcore edge. There is no let up or room to breath here, this is an exhilarating and righteous ride through the last 20 years of alternative rock. Throw in some Jesus Lizard and Barkmarket for a comparison and you might be getting there.

Flip this little sucker over and “Deep River” offers a different level of intensity. Not as full on as the A side, this is a more brooding but no less abrasive affair that builds and flows. It may not be as immediate a song but is no less effective for it.

Apparently these guys are working on a new recording so I suggest you seek out both this release and whatever may be in the pipeline, and very thoughtfully the band have made these tracks available to download at their website for those of you who don’t have a turntable. Is this the future of the heavy stuff, maybe, maybe not…one can certainly hope!!!

Label: Mourningwood Recordings

Scribed by: Ollie Stygall