Review: 1782 ‘From The Graveyard’

From The Graveyard is the second full length from occult doom band 1782. Certainly, they’re not the first doom band from Italy that I’ve enjoyed, but in spite of everything, I always think of Italy with Death SS and Paul Chain Violet Theatre in the heavy, doom genre. Of course, in these modern times, many are enchanted by the theatrics of Ghost, but Italy, the country of Death SS, set the real standards for dramatic and horrific theatrics that can produce shock, awe and inner fear of many kinds and forms.

1782 'From The Graveyard'

As for the album, From The Graveyard, by the trio from Sardinia (which revered as a land of occult and mystery!!), sounds exactly like the name: dark, occult and a bit fucked up. These Italians obviously don’t make music in a highly melodic manner like other representatives of their guild, here it’s more a case of sounding atmospheric and as evil as possible. And on their second long player, they’ve managed to do that extremely well.

Eight tracks and forty three minutes of the purest, yet darkest doom metal, with slow and powerful riffs and heavy and massive drumming. It won’t be wrong to say, till now, they’ve recorded their heaviest and darkest effort so far, and they‘ve done it while maintaining that catchy state they have always had. The Chosen One, Black Void, Priestess Of Death, In Requiem, these tracks express themselves and will pursue anyone for many return listens to be taken by the atmosphere of uncanny horror and dreads.

Eight tracks and forty three minutes of the purest, yet darkest doom metal…

1782 began their journey by invoking that dreaded essence on their debut single She Was A Witch (telling the tale of Anna Göldi, an 18th-century Swiss woman and was the ‘last witch’ to be executed by decapitation in Europe for witchcraft), then delved deeper with their self-titled debut. Returning after only a two year interval, From The Graveyard will surely provide another foundation to established their sound in this enticing genre.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in November 2020 by Alfredo Carboni at RKS Studios in Ossi, this record also features, Nico Sechi on Hammond organ (1782) and Alfredo Carboni’s on synth. As on their eponymous debut album, the artwork was created by the mighty SSCVLT and certainly gives an early sense of what’s awaiting and should enchant all doom enthusiasts, along with any unsuspecting listeners.

Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
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Scribed by: Randolph Whateley