Review: -(16)- & Grime ‘Doom Sessions Vol. 3’

Choosing the right wine to compliment your main dish can elevate a meal to a new level. Heavy Psych Sounds are such a label with their vast menu of bands that are then paired off perfectly for an amazing series of split EPs known collectively as Doom Sessions. For Vol. 3, -(16)- and Grime were brought together like Pinot noir and Filet mignon. You’re in for one hell of a meal.

-(16)- & Grime 'Doom Sessions Vol. 3'

The album starts with a colossal riff that immediately sets the tone for one hell of a heavy record. You learn why this EP is allowed to follow the epic Acid Mammoth and 1782 released prior. Tear It Down is the first of three songs by -(16)- and for fans of the albums Dream Squasher and Lifespan Of A Moth, will not be disappointed. The menacing vocals and thundering drums provide the perfect appetizer to the incredible meal I mentioned earlier.

Death On Repeat is an appropriately named follow up as the second course serves up a hefty portion. This is sludge at its finest. The dark riffs continue the mood set prior and the vocals become even more melodic while staying aggressive. It’s definitely a song that will stick with you hours after its ended.

One of my favorite aspects of a song is when the guitarist plays a riff, the band then kicks in, only for it to return to just the guitar riff. It reminds me of my first concert seeing Korn live playing Blind. -(16)- execute this with ease on the track Nachzehrer, the third track which wrap up their portion of this split. Following Death On Repeat, -(16)-  dive into the afterlife as, fun fact, in German folklore, Nachzehrer translates to after living and is believed to be a creature similar to a vampire.

Heavy Psych Sounds have put together a meal of epic proportions with Vol. 3…

Just when you thought you were full to bursting, the server swings by and slices yet more hearty meat for your indulgence in the form of Grime, who it has to be said, deliver on this EP. Piece Of Flesh, the first of their two tracks, opens with a wall of sound containing distorted guitars, crushing drums and intense screams reminiscent of Deafheaven. At about the three minute mark, Grime allows a crack in the wall of sound for a dark melodic bridge leading to a similar outro. It allows an almost welcomed calm before the final course.

That, in your face, wall of sound with blistering screams are back and start off what is sure to be a epic conclusion to this intense EP. Sick Of Life creates an energy of chaos, however when the track really kicks in at the one minute mark, you can’t help but move to the groove. The guitar riff and drums sync so perfectly under the deafening screams and wraps up the five course meal in the best of ways.

I asked to do this review because I have been a fan of -(16)-  for some time now and really enjoyed their contributions to this split. They continue to make amazing music and I’ll look forward to their future releases. This, however, is my first introduction to Grime and although I’m not usually into music with a brutal screamed vocal style, Grime showed me that I’m missing out by shying away. Musically, there’s no doubt they’re extremely talented and vocally, the screams are needed, and welcomed, to create an amazing atmosphere of chaos. I’m definitely a fan.

Heavy Psych Sounds have put together a meal of epic proportions with Vol. 3 of the Doom Sessions series and I’m both excited, and interested, to see how they follow this masterpiece.

Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
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Scribed by: Josh Schneider