WINDHAND To Release Second Album On Burning World Records In 2013


Burning World Records is proud to present another signing for the new year. Virginia based WINDHAND are joining ranks with Conan, Slomatics, Black Magician and Lustmord among others.

Commented label head honcho Jurgen about the release…
Why we signed them? Just read some quotes below from reviews for their first album, then listen to it on Bandcamp ( and tell us what is not to like.

The album is scheduled for a June 2013 release so you’ll have to wait a while before it’s out but we heard through the grapevine there will be some other WINDHAND releases to keep you warm till the summer.

For those not in the know about the band, who share a bass player with the mighty Cough, read the excerpts below:

‘In the awesome graveyard of doom, another epic corpse has risen to bring the universe a new sound of black magic! They go by the name of WINDHAND. Every motherfucking thing about this album is straight Ultramatic Doomtastic – not one feeble or weak song in the bunch. WINDHAND’s songs are like watching a mystic candle, when the dancing flame has you under its’ spell, then you put some of the hot wax on your finger so you can be at one with the flame. This band’s slow, groovy bass lines are on fire, and trust me, you will not mind if they burn you just a little. ’ (CVLT Nation)

‘But what really makes Windhand stand out is singer Dorthia’s vocals which float omnipresently over the primal, molten riffing below her like a toxic vapour. On first listen I thought the singer was a man with a Perry Farrrell/Ozzy Osbourne-by-way-of-Mike Scheidt style delivery but further spins revealed the inherent and unique femininity in Dorthia’s warm voice. Even more impressive are her vocal melodies which are memorable and instantly familiar, particularly on “Heap Wolves” where the vocals weave in and out of the riffs in the way that Layne Staley worked his way around Alice in Chains’ twisted melodies.’ (The Sleeping Shaman).