Welsh Doomers SPIDER KITTEN Sign To Undergoove; New Album Due In October

Spider Kitten

Legendary cult label Undergroove Records has announced an addition to it’s growing roster with the recent signing of Welsh psychedelic doomers SPIDER KITTEN.

The label will release SPIDER KITTEN‘s next record, Behold Mountain. Hail Sea. Venerate Sky. Bow Before Tree on 27th October.

The album is a wretched, tormented exploration of Norse Sagas and Eddas, painstakingly researched with the utmost respect and homage to the ancient peoples and religions of Scandinavia. Colossal in its power and scope, the tracks were only written and jammed once before entering the studio. Some were made up on the spot on the day of recording. The album also has guest spots including Stuart ‘O.F.D.’ O’Hara (from UK Doom legends Acrimony, Iron Monkey, Blackeyeriot and current Sigiriya) who lays down the rip-roaring guitar solo on Lindisfarena; and Charlotte Nichols (ex – Crippled Black Phoenix) who performs the heart-wrenching cello parts on Gore Swan.

Says drummer Chris West: “This album was never supposed to exist. From day one it was only meant to be a stop gap experiment. The intention we had was to simply “guff out some sludge”. It was always meant as a filler for ourselves and the ‘fans’ before the next album. What it’s in fact turned into is a different beast altogether.

I had an idea early on to have a story running through the songs based on my love of Norse mythology and Viking history, all due to being half Danish and very proud of this side of my soul. What it’s turned into is somewhat of an exorcism of lyrical themes and ideas I’ve had for many many years, based on the Norse sagas and edda’s. I am aware that every band always says the same thing when talking about their latest album but it truly is the heaviest thing we’ve ever created.”

Spider Kitten 'Behold Mountain. Hail Sea. Venerate Sky. Bow Before Tree' Artwork

This is the start of an exciting chapter in the life of SPIDER KITTEN. 2014 will see them release not only Behold Mountain… but also enter the studio to record their next full-length album. Based around (get this) the life and times of a psychopathic expatriate Welsh drifter in the U S of A called Yakbone Wolftooth, the as-yet-untitled album takes in elements of blues, outlaw country and railroad music, as well as their usual brand of psychedelic doom meanderings. Stay tuned.

Behold Mountain. Hail Sea. Venerate Sky. Bow Before Tree Tracklisting:
1. Lindisfarena
2. Bearded Axe
3. Gore Swan I: Of the Land II: Of the Sea III: Of the Sky

In the meantime, check out the video for Twin Obscenities taken from last’s years Cougar Club.


Source: Hold Tight PR