Weirdo Canyon Dispatch: Roadburn 2016 Daily Fanzine Issue #3 Now Available!

Weirdo Canyon Dispatch - 2016 Saturday

It is with great honour that The Sleeping Shaman is once again involved in bringing you the Roadburn daily fanzine Weirdo Canyon Dispatch, each day, a new issue will be available for attendees, keep an eye open for them being handed out in and around the venues, but for those that can’t be here, a PDF version is available online for download. 2016 also see’s it go from 8 pages to 12 pages, so more room to bring you reviews of the festivities from the day before, feature articles and much more from an international staff of writers, artist and photographers.

Saturday’s issue is now available with a review from yesterday by Alex Mysteerie, features on the new Extase venue, Ben Handelman‘s expectations for his first Roadburn, José Carlos Santos reflects on the past nine years of attending the hallowed festival, plus the usual Daily Picks of must see bands.

Download your copy from the Roadburn website HERE.