Uppsala’s The Tower To Put Forth Their Heavy 70s Loyalism At Roadburn 2015

Roadburn 2015 - The Tower

Turning their back on modernity, Uppsala Sweden’s four-piece The Tower found inspiration in proto-metal, turning the band’s eponymous debut album, Hic Abundant Leones (Bad Omen Records) into a captivating demonstration of their cool retro vibes and penchant for esoteric lyrical references.

Taking the best parts of hardrock, psychedelic rock, caveman boogie, and amplifier worship, The Tower will put forth their heavy 70s loyalism at the 20th edition of Roadburn Festival on Thursday, April 9 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands, pushing the outer limits of an already spacious genre.

Roadburn Festival 2015 will run for four days from ThursdayApril 9 to SundayApril 12 at the 013 venue in TilburgThe Netherlands. Get your tickets HERE.