TONER LOW Set To Release New Album ‘III’ Via Bilocation Records / Roadkill Rekordz

Toner Low

After four years Dutch psychedelic doom stoners TONER LOW are back with the follow-up of their highly acclaimed second effort. Being the lowest frequency producers of the Netherlands TONER LOW astonished listeners with their first two albums and undoubtedly will do the same with ‘III‘, as their third album is titled. However, this time the band presents a more diverse sound than ever before in their fifteen years existence.

On ‘IIITONER LOW are both faster and slower as well as rawer and more subtle, whilst making sure that the deepest sub-low frequencies are omnipresent throughout the entire album. A wide range of psychedelic sounds completes this four songs in 55 minutes ride through a musical wasteland filled with drugged out themes and doped up riffing. With one difference: this time even the cover artwork might get you high!

Laying down the law once more with low-endness and undertones TONER LOW reach another high in heaviness on ‘III‘, both musically and physically. Praised for the landmark artwork on their self titled debut double vinyl (2006) and ‘II‘ (2008), the weighty cover for the double vinyl release of ‘III‘ is yet another example of how bands can set themselves apart from the rest. No time or money was spared on this cannabis leaf saturated piece of art.

Toner Low 'III' Artwork

The album was recorded in January and February 2013 at Studio Moskou in Utrecht (Netherlands) and Studio Sissysound in Leiden (Netherlands). It got mastered at Alan Ward’s Electric City in Brussels (Belgium) in March. For the double album release an appropriate green vinyl colour is used. ‘III‘ will be available in the doom and stoner underground up from April 2013 on Double Vinyl, CD and Audio Cassette through Bilocation Records (sub-label of Kozmik Artifactz, Berlin) and TONER LOW‘s DIY label Roadkill Rekordz.

TONER LOW history
TONER LOW got together in Spring 1998 and took their time finding a sound of their own and stripping down the initial five-piece line-up to a classic trio consisting of guitar, bass and drums that released the debut cd in 2005. Since late 2007 TONER LOW are formed by Daan (guitar, microphone), Miranda (bass) and Jack (drums). The musical and band background of the individual members goes back to the thrash metal scene of the mid-eighties. For TONER LOW bands such as Sleep, High On Fire, Electric Wizard and Acid King are the main influences.

The first and second album by TONER LOW received many good reviews in the world-wide doom and stoner community. This led to the band playing regularly in Germany, and doing European tours including countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Although from the Netherlands, TONER LOW don’t play much live shows in their own country.

Over the past years TONER LOW did gigs with bands such as Electric Wizard (UK), Acid King (USA), Boris (Japan), Colour Haze (De), Conan (UK), Pombagira (UK), My Sleeping Karma (De) and Astrosoniq (NL), and played festivals such as Roadburn 2006 (NL), Swamp Room Happening 2007 (De), Stoned From The Underground 2008 (De), Doom Over Bielefeld 2009 (De), Stoned Hand Of Doom 2010 (It), Doom Over Berlin 2011 (De) and Desert Fest Berlin 2012 (De).