The Shaman arises from his sleep!

Greetings disciples of the Shaman!!!

I have been in a meditative trance for the last 24 hours but like the proverbial butterfly I find myself rejuvinated in a magickal new form for your viewing delight. Not only will my legion of tiny wizards and demons continue to regale you with their views on the latest CDs and gigs and entertain you with some witty discourse with your favourite musical heroes, we will also now be bringing you up to date news on upcoming gigs, releases….blah blah blah. Anything that my finely tuned Shamanic eye spots as newsworthy will be issued forth from my lips, well keyboard…If you have something to tell the Shaman please do tell…I do not bite.

As awesome as I may be, I am only human and, on occasions, my cloak of fallibility may falter so if something is amiss…dead links, missing images, poor functionality…etc, please let me know and I will cast my hand across it and fix it in a trice, unless you use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser, then it’s own your fault 😉

I thank you for your dutiful worship over the last 6 years and thanks to you, the site continues to grow and develop. Please return often to the lair of the Shaman…and spread the word, bring your friends…

The Sleeping Shaman