THE POD: Pre-Orders For New Recording ‘Assassins In The Mirrored Hall’ Now Available

The Pod - Scott Endres

THE POD is an ambient solo side project from MAKE guitarist Scott Endres, realised in 2012 THE POD explores the notions of soundscape drones with a truly ethereal feel and Pre-Orders are now available for the new recording ‘Assassins In The Mirrored Hall’, digital downloads are available immediately, with CD’s to follow once enough orders have been placed, read on for more info…

The Pod 'Assassins In The Mirrored Hall' Artwork

Pre-orders for ‘Assassins In The Mirrored Hall’ will stay up until enough funds have been raised (either through pre-order sales or my paychecks) to press a bundle of CDs (those who pre-order will, of course, receive the CD once funds have been raised and the CDs are pressed).

All pre-orders will give you an immediate digital download of the album along with two pre-order-exclusive bonus tracks not available later on. In addition, the first 20 pre-orders will come bundled with the first THE POD CD, ‘Satellite‘. In addition to that the first 10 pre-orders will receive my old psych-rock band SUNTAN‘s full length ‘Send You Home‘ CD.

This pre-order deal will update as disc bonuses sell out. If for any reason you wish to opt out of any bonus discs or physical copies, just say so in a message via bandcamp. Liner notes will appear on the physical CD and there will be a special section of thank you’s for everyone who pre-orders as a gesture of sincere gratitude.

Stream ‘Assassins In The Mirrored Hall’ below and to place your order, head over to THE POD’s bandcamp page at