THE BODY: New Video Released For The Track ‘An Altar Or A Grave’

The Body - Photo by Megan Holmes

After releasing the track ‘To Attempt Openness‘ earlier this month via Soundcloud which Pitchfork described it as “so dense and developed that you could stare into its void for days”, heavy doomsters THE BODY have now unleashed a brand new video for ‘An Altar Or A Grave‘. Metal Hammer’s Subterranea Mag called it “glacially creepy”… view for yourself below:

It has been said by more than a few intrepid listeners that THE BODY is the most brutal band on the planet. With ravishing grimness and impenetrable walls of noise, the duo of Chip King and Lee Buford create music that goes beyond what is normally considered harsh and violent, advocating a doctrine of misanthropy to those brave enough to take the plunge. Since their recording career began in earnest in 2004, THE BODY has expanded the definition of what it means to be a metal band, incorporating elements of noise, avant-garde composition, and experimental electronic music into their crushing doom and searing black metal foundation. Christs, Redeemers, the duo’s latest transmission of loathing and revulsion, finds King and Buford pushing even further into the horrifying unknown.

The Body 'Christs, Redeemers' Artwork

Christs, Redeemers will be released via Thrill Jockey Records on October 14th and you can read Jamie’s recent review HERE.

Photo Credit: Megan Holmes