SYVEN: Ethereal Debut Album Now Streaming In Its Entirety


Aikaintaite, the incredible debut album from SYVEN, is out now via Vendlus Records. The opus bears over an hour of invigorating soundscapes which have been drawing incredibly detailed reviews from journalists who are simply floored by the album’s organic darkness and organic beauty. In honor of its release this week, Aikaintaite can now be streamed in its entirety.

SYVEN is the output of Aslak Tolonen (Nest) and Andy Koski-Semmens (Ereipia), the two Finland-based musicians fusing their insight into heavy folk-based themes, driven by shamanistic chanting and choirs, primordial rhythms in the atmospheric compositions created on Aikaintaite. Their stunning, heartfelt hymns bring to life the comprehensive themes of nature and the struggles of reality and the brutality of survival, as well as the wonderment and the solemn fulfillment that lies therein.

Handmade instruments form the cornerstones of SYVEN’s sound, A.T. having built the 15-string acoustic kanteles, 12-string electric kanteles, Lapland drums and synthetic soundscapes himself. The production, recording, mixing, digital manipulation and hand-drawn artwork of Aikaintaite, was all handled by the duo themselves, wholly expressing the album in the full proper experience.

Syven 'Aikaintaite' Artwork

Source: Earsplit PR