SUNWØLF: New Album ‘Beholden To Nothing And No One’ Out Today!


Beholden To Nothing And No One’ (review here) is SUNWØLF’s third record and it is a departure from their previous two LPs in many ways. It is a somewhat collaborative effort with several guests appearing across this double album.

Disc I is best summarized as 50 minutes of melancholic nihilism. It is by far the most stark material that SUNWØLF have recorded to date. Disc II reveals a more ambient side to the duo, which they have become synonymous with also.

SUNWØLF are masterful in the way they interweave and harness two contrasting genres of metal and ambient music and their new record really is a testament to this unique ability. ‘Beholden To Nothing And No One’ is the sound of a band that have found a real confidence in their ability to create truly powerful and compelling music.

And now, the wait is finally over to get your hands on a physical copy of this despondent recording as its officially released on limited CD today, Monday 30th June, and is now available to purchase from SUNWØLF’s webstore HERE, if you made a pre-order, it should also be landing through your letterbox any day now.

Sunwølf 'Beholden To Nothing And No One'

‘Beholden To Nothing And No One’ tracks list:

Disc I
1 – In The Darkened River I Found The Silence Loom
2- The Widow’s Oil
3 – Vultures Crown
4 – The Wake Of Leviathan
5 – Thrown Into A Nameless Time
6 – Totem
7 – Beholden to Nothing And No One
8 – Heathens Rest

Disc II
1 – Twelve Sunne
2 – Come, O Spirit, Dwell Among Us
3 – Ithaca
4 – Symptoms Of Dearth
5 – Lotus Island
6 – Of Darknesse