SONANCE: Pre-Orders For ‘Like Ghosts’ 12” Vinyl Now Available Via Doognad Records


Previously only available as a Digital Download, SONANCE ‘Like Ghosts’ is now available for vinyl pre-order direct from Doognad Records, with a limited run of 400 copies and is available in the following options:

100 Transparent + Grey/Yellow
100 Grey/Amber/Marbled
200 Black

To order your copy, head over to the Doognad Records webstore HERE.

Sonance 'Like Ghosts' Artwork

Like Ghosts’ comes in two halves, totalling just under 42 minutes, each part is an atmospheric heaping of interwoven arrangements, detailed and droned stretches that subside into sludge filled chasms as the bass pushes you through the floor and lifts dust from the walls. The record was written and rehearsed in a confined practice room in which the waves of sound could literally be felt shuddering up through your lungs and out of your mouth.

So far drawing comparisons with latter era Scott Walker/Bohren & Der Club Of Gore/Godspeed You! Black Emporer/Badalamenti/Janek Schaefer/Stapleton and Tibet/Gnaw Their Tongues/Abandon/Khanate/Corrupted, the band have made a promising impact via their live shows and will be heading out on the road next month with fellow Bristolian’s POHL, the dates for which are as follows…

19/03/2013 – The Croft, Bristol, UK
20/03/2013 – The Hole In The Wall, Colchester, UK
21/03/2013 – Bakunin Pogo Bar, Gent, BE
22/03/2013 – Sub071, Leiden, NL
23/03/2013 – Gig Needed
24/03/2013 – Tuitvlugt, Antwerp, BE