Soggy Bog 95 – New Bastard Of The Skies Album ‘Tarnation’ Played In It’s Entirety + New Fistula

Soggy Bog

The latest Soggy Bog Podcast, episode 95, is now available and this week, ‘Tarnation‘ the new album from Bastard Of The Skies is played in its entirety along with new tracks from Fistula and Meadows with the rest of the playlist made up of newer and older tracks from the likes of Carol Ann, Fistula, Koresh, Charger, Sourvein, Burning Witch, Noothgrush, Black Cobra, Crom and much more!

Bob also gives the listener more info on how to enter the doom raffle he’s holding to celebrate the podcast reaching it’s 100th episode where he’ll be giving away a whole bunch of CD’s, LP’s 7″s and T-Shirts that have been kindly donated.

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