Soggy Bog 152 – Traditional Doom/Metal Special With Stone Dagger, Gatekeeper, Elliot’s Keep, Swords And Chains Label Spotlight + More!

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The latest Soggy Bog Podcast, episode 152, is now available and this weeks show is a Traditional Doom/Metal special which features the new Gatekeeper release ‘Prophecy And Judgement‘, the entire Stone Dagger demo, a spotlight on Swords And Chains Records, plus a mix of new and old tracks from Twisted Tower Dire, Magic Circle, Battle Ruins, Elliott’s Keep, Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, Omen, Fates Warning, Legend, Pharaoh-Never, Morbid Sin plus a whole lot more and to quote Bob “Sharpen your Steel Brethren!“.

You can stream the show below and head over to for the complete playlist and show notes, you can also follow Bob over on Facebook at