SHEIK RALEPH Now Confirmed For Desertfest 2013 Berlin

Sheyk rAleph

DESERTFEST Berlin are pleased to announce a one man project of oriental improvisations, a small bonus for you guys… Sheyk rAleph.

Sheyk rAleph brings with oriental SAZ and Indian SITAR his world of music on stage : “I believe in the flow of music – once in it, you never want to leave ! The rich possibilities of oriental and Asian improvisations develop often live and in direct contact with the audience. Trippy sound experiments the harder way are there and as well, meditative, classical elements, or psychedelic sound carpets. The main thing it is all fun !”

Recently, he cooperated with My Sleeping Karma on their last long player “Soma“, and he already gave his influence to lots of bands and projects. With his Band “Grombira” he played as support act for the legendary world session band Embryo (D).

Sheyk rAleph will play in the bingo bongo bar.

DESERFEST Berlin takes place between 25th – 27th April 2013 at the Astra KulturHaus in Berlin and further info on Weekend and Day passes can be found at

Desertfest 2013 Berlin