Roadburn Festival 2014 Running Order Revealed

Finally, the running order & stage times for Roadburn Festival 2014 have now been revealed, comments Artistic Director Walter Hoeijmakers:

The running order has been put together with the utmost precession. It took us a little longer coz we had to process extensive production details. Please don’t ask to change the running order for personal preference.

See images below for the complete running order and you can also download a PDF version HERE.

Roadburn Festival 2014 will run for four days from ThursdayApril 10th to SundayApril 13th 2014 at the 013 venueHet Patronaat & Cul de Sac in TilburgThe Netherlands.

Roadburn 2014 - 10th Thurs - Running Order

Roadburn 2014 - 11th Fri - Running Order

Roadburn 2014 - 12th Sat - Running Order

Roadburn 2014 - 13th Sun (Afterburner) - Running Order