Roadburn Festival 2012 Audio Streams From Yob, Ancestors, Black Cobra, Sigiriya, Bong And More

Roadburn 2012 – Yob

On the first day of Roadburn 2012, there were 26 different shows. On the second, 25. By the time Saturday ended, another 26 terrific sets had been delivered. And another 12 during the Afterburner. Obviously, only some kind of alien creature spawned by the imagination of Voivod‘s Michel “Away” Langevin would be able to catch them all. What is a mere mortal to do?

Listen to the 2012 audio streams, of course!

There is a treasure trove of transmissions from Planet Roadburn waiting to be discovered. Check out the shows you might have missed or want to relive. To those of you who could not be there: we hope you enjoy the virtual experience!

The advent of the brand new VPRO site means that we can embed audio streams, making it that much easier for you to listen to them. Anything to accelerate the journey back to the outer limits of Roadburn 2012 euphoria!

Listen to the audio streams for Alkerdeel, Ancestors, Barn Owl, Black Cobra, Bong, Horisont, Sigiriya, and Yob’s The Unreal Never Lived (Friday, April 13th) below.

Alkerdeel – Live at Roadburn 2012

Ancestors – Live at Roadburn 2012

Barn Owl – Live at Roadburn 2012

Black Cobra – Live at Roadburn 2012

Bong – Live at Roadburn 2012

Horisont – Live at Roadburn 2012

Sigiriya – Live at Roadburn 2012

Yob (The Unreal Never Lived) – Live at Roadburn 2012

Massive thanks go to the Roadburn sound engineers under the direction of Marcel van de Vondervoort (Torture Garden Studio) and their colleagues from VPRO 3voor12, which is the finest cultural media network in the Netherlands.

Marcel van der Vondervoort (Astrosoniq, Spacejam Records, Torture Garden Studio)
Robert de Lorijn (Astrosoniq, Spacejam Records)

Roadburn festival audio engineers:
Robert de Lorijn (Astrosoniq, Spacejam Records)
Michiel Ferweda (Paperboat Studio)
Matthijs Herder (Paperboat Studio)
Kristian Vloet (Spacejam, Astrosoniq)
Nancy van den Buuse (Spacejam, Astrosoniq)
Teun van der Velden (Astrosoniq, Spacejam): Sigiriya
Tim Ruterink: (Spacejam)
Danny Gras (Spacejam / Gomer Pyle): Barn Owl, Farflung, Horisont, Saviours.
Marcel van der Vondervoort (Torture Garden studio): Alkerdeel, Ancestors, Black Breath, Black Cobra, Bong, Bongripper (Satan Worshipping Doom – Sunday, April 15th), Chelsea Wolfe, Gnod, Jucifer, Orchid and Yob