Roadburn 2013 Afterburner Updates

Roadburn 2013 - Sigh

Japan’s SIGH will be playing the Main Stage instead of the Green Room at the 2013 Roadburn Afterburner on Sunday, 21 April. It’s not every day they are in Europe, so Roadburn want to make the most of this opportunity.

Also, the demise of The Devil’s Blood means that we will be announcing a new addition to this year’s Afterburner very shortly. Stay tuned!

Maniacal power / prog / thrashers / black metallers SIGH have been shocking and confusing music fans since 1990, when they started their existence as one of the first black metal bands to ever come out of Japan. Their sound has been evolving ever since, first incorporating bizarre psychedelic elements and strangely juxtaposed song parts, then adding more styles and technical proficiency. On their latest record In Somniphobia from earlier this year, they offer up progressive power metal with supreme technical chops and a penchant for speed matched only by their ability to deliver the unexpected.

They are a perfect band for the Afterburner show because no matter how strange the bands are in the first three days of the festival, Sigh will offer up something unseen and unheard before.