Roadburn 2012: Het Patronaat Replaces Midi Theatre

Roadburn2012 - Het Patronaat

The Midi Theatre was closed by the Tilburg city council on 1 January 2012 for financial and political reasons. Unfortunately, there is no way to reopen it even temporarily for this year’s Roadburn Festival. The addition of the Midi Theatre to the festival during the past two editions was a huge success. Sadly, there was absolutely nothing they could do to prevent it from closing.

Fortunately, they have found a fourth stage that is slightly larger than 013′s Green Room in a nearby venue: Het Patronaat. If you have been to Roadburn before, you very well might have taken a break on the steps. Or perhaps you walked right past without noticing it. That certainly won’t be the case this year! Continue reading about Het Patronaat and how it will work with the festival over on the Roadburn website here.