RITUAL CVLT FEST: 2nd-3rd October 2014, Barcelona w/ Yob, Pallbearer, Orthodox, Nicholas Bullen, Hark & More

Ritual Cvlt Fest 2014
RITUAL CVLT FEST is the essence of all RITUAL CVLT parties; multiplied, developed, amplified and taken to the nth degree, it becomes the festival we were all waiting for.

Barcelona is oversaturated with musical alternatives but it still missing an ‘indoors’ festival. An event held in a fully-equipped venue that will host a festival concept far from large events drawing huge crowds that can focus on artistic and professional connections with the rest of Europe. There’s none in the rest of Spain either.

RITUAL CVLT FEST is characterized by a near and familiar approach that enables the development of other parallel activities with specific goals.

As part of their interest in developing relations in the European arena, RITUAL CVLT FEST aims at connecting professionals in the sector to promote dialogue and discuss different ideas.

As an event, one of the main interests of RITUAL CVLT FEST is that of becoming a bridge between national and international professionals with an educational aim.

There are some small format European festivals that are examples of outstanding management (Supersonic, Incubate, Amplifest, Roadburn, Inferno). RITUAL CVLT FEST wants to be one of them.

The organisers second major goal is to progressively attract an international audience by offering lineups targeted at a European audience, so to makes them less exclusively dependent on the local audience.



Yob (USA)
Pallbearer (USA)
FOSCOR (Catalunya)
Orthodox (Andalucia)
Wolvserpent (USA)


Ghost Brigade (Finland)
Obsidian Kingdom (Catalunya)
Nicholas Bullen (UK)
KEN mode (Canada)
Hark (UK)

Pop Bar
An exclusive showcase of international and local experimental artists who travel betwen styles such as electronic, noise and vocal music. This display of artists will be personally selected by Lisa Meyer, director of the prestigious English festival SUPERSONIC, director of the exhibition HOME OF METAL as well as CAPSULE’s Creative Director.

Sly & The Family Drone (UK)
Giant Axe Field (UK)
Piwi•Bizarre•Tech (Galiza)
Esquelas (Galiza)
Jesús Brotons (Catalunya)
JUCHE (Catalunya)
That Crooner from Nowhere (Catalunya)

Parallel Activities
Every festival need parallel activities that make sense of the whole. Our proposal includes conferences, round tables and debates by international and national professionals of the musical scene such as:

Michael Berberian – Season of Mist director
Jurgen Van Den Brand – Roadburn Festival Co-Director
Alexandre Rebecq – Hellfest Communication Manager
Gunnar Sauermann – Press Manager Season Of Mist
Ansgar Glade – Manager and agent for Community Promotion & Strasse Junge
Bidi Van Drongelen – (Manager and agent for Bidi Bookings
André Mendes – Amplifest Director
Juan Antonio Muñoz – Agent and Promoter for Madness Live! Productions and Be Prog! My Friend Festival director

The moderator will be their good friend and collaborator:
David Sabaté  – Mondo Sonoro journalist and blogger

RITUAL CVLT FEST will showcase retrospective exhibits, as well as the organisation of a record fair and related merchandising.


The festival’s official poster is the work of the prestigious artist and tattoo artist, JONDIX, who has created an exclusive work of art for it.

Posters and the festival’s graphic design will be created by designer Miguel Sueiro

Pre-festival Full Festival ticket special price:
45€ + distribution costs (until September 15th)

Pre-festival Full Festival ticket regular price:
50€ + distribution costs.

Pre-festival Day Ticket:
30€ + distribution costs.

Box office prices:
60€ full ticket
35€ day ticket

Tickets can be purchased now from Musikaze.com.

RITUAL CVLT FEST takes place between 2nd-3rd October 2014 at Razzmatazz & Pop Bar, Barcelona, Spain and you can also stay up to date with all the latest news on the festivals Facebook Event.