RIP Christian Fagg Of Trollkraft

Christian Fagg Of Trollkraft

Everyone at The Sleeping Shaman would like to pay their deepest respects to Christian Fagg, bass-player for Trollkraft who has passed away tragically at the age of 24.

Christian is presumed-dead after an accident caused him to be swept away by strong currents in the Rhine river in Germany several days ago.

A statement on the band’s website reads:
“For those who still haven’t heard, our bassist, long standing friend and an all round good bloke, Christian has passed away in a tragic accident. Our thoughts go out to his family, brother Kurtis, to Rachel and his friends. Thanks to all those who made the Thulsa Doom tour a wild week to remember. You’ve given us all some great stories and memories to remember him by. Tom, Dan and myself don’t want anyone to mourn in silence, feel free to message us, share his pictures and listen to music as loud as you can.

We’re all in the process of coming back together for a drink. Grimsby folks; we’ll be around in the coming weeks to catch up and share the good times.

We’re unsure as to where Trollkraft will be going from here. But please, smash a tune on and crack open a beer for my friend, and one of the UK’s brightest musicians. Peace, man.

The world just got a little quieter.”

Christian was a brilliant musician, and a genuine, friendly person. He will be sadly missed and we would like to encourage everyone to listen to Trollkraft’s Bogs and Brimstone in his memory.

Words: Tom McKibbin