PENTAGRAM UK Tour Still Happening – Bristol Date Rescheduled To Sat 3rd November

Pentagram - UK Tour 2012 - updated flyer

We’ve been waiting with baited breath as to whether PENTAGRAM will make it over to these grim shores for their UK Tour with the recent events of Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast of the US, well the good news is it’s still happening, but the Bristol date has been rescheduled to Sat 3rd November, read on for the official statement from the promoter Francis Mace…

As I’m sure most of you are well aware – Hurricane Sandy has been looming over the East Coast of America for the past 48hrs and has caused a state of emergency to be declared in most major East Coast cities.

As of 9am yesterday, all transatlantic flights from Washington DC were cancelled. Unfortunately Pentagram were due to fly out yesterday – and so there flight was among the thousands that were cancelled. HOWEVER….

We have been informed that Pentagram have rebooked flights and are set arrive in the UK early on Thursday morning, therefore – the OCTOBER 31ST date @ THE FLEECE HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO SATURDAY NOV 3RD @ THE EXCHANGE. All original tickets remain valid – there are now only 80 tickets left for the show, available from /

I appreciate this may be inconvenient for some (especially those of you with Damnation Tickets), but please understand this is a measure of last resort and instead of cancelling the Bristol date I’ve done everything in my power to ensure it goes ahead and the people of the South West get to see Pentagram in our region.

LONDON, MANCHESTER & GLASGOW will all go ahead as planned, there will be no interference to any of these events.

A huge thank you to everyone who’s been patiently waiting for updates over the past 24hrs. I’ve been on top of the situation since Friday and it’s been a rather nerve-racking few days! Thanks for bearing with me! Also a massive thank you to The Fleece, D.O.G Promotions and The Exchange for all of their help.


All the best,