OPIUM WARLORDS Premiere New Track ‘In Melancholy Moonless Acheron’ Via Cvlt Nation

Opium Warlords

Doom/psych alchemists OPIUM WARLORDS premiere the new track ‘In Melancholy Moonless Acheron‘ at heavily trafficked web-portal Cvlt Nation. The song hails from OPIUM WARLORDS‘ forthcoming Taste My Sword Of Understanding, set for international release May 30th via Svart Records on CD and double-LP formats.

Taste My Sword Of Understanding is the third offering of OPIUM WARLORDS, the final project of Sami Albert Hynninen (Reverend Bizarre, The Puritan, Spiritus Mortis, Armanenschaft, Azrael Rising, The Candles Burning Blue, Klv, Tähtiportti, March 15 and Orne). In comparison to the earlier albums Live At Colonia Dignidad (Cobra, 2009), and We Meditate Under The Pussy In The Sky (Svart, 2012), it takes a few steps towards more conventional and easy-to-listen-to levels, but still can’t be mistaken for the average force-fed background bubblegum hum you might hear on the radio. Hear for yourself exclusively HERE, courtesy of Cvlt Nation.

Composed between 1994 and 2009, recorded in 2010, mixed in 2013 – ripened, literally, with blood, tears, sweat, and exotic neurochemical fluids – the 72-minute Taste My Sword Of Understanding is at the same time minimal and complicated, light and heavy; sometimes gentle and soothing, sometimes raw and cruel, but always real and naked, and this time you may find – among all the repetition, weird noises, and floating on the drone and ultra-light chimes – even some essence of epic heavy metal on board. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Opium Warlords 'Taste My Sword Of Understanding' Cover

Tracklisting for OPIUM WARLORDS’ Taste My Sword Of Understanding:
1. The Sadness Of Vultures
2. The Land Beyond The Pole
3. The Self-Made Man
4. The God In Ruins
5. The Solar Burial
6. Mount Meru
7. This Place Has Been Passed
8. Manisolas From Misandria
9. In Melancholy Moonless Acheron

OPIUM WARLORDS on this album were: Sami Albert Hynninen, with Erkki Virta (Protected Illusion, L.A.M.F., The Puritan) and Laura Länsimäki (Maria, Armanenschaft). It was recorded and co-produced by Jouni Leppikangas and mastered by Joona Lukala, both of whom also worked on We Meditate Under The Pussy In The Sky and the March 15 album Our Love Becomes A Funeral Pyre (Svart, 2014).