OMMADON Return With ‘V’ On Dry Cough, Burning World & Domestic Genocide

Ommadon 'V' Artwork
OMMADON aim to achieve sonic annihilation of the self in their perpetual quest for heaviness.

The fifth effort from the duo, both ex-members of Snowblood, continues in their quest to produce raw, heavy doom, recorded live by themselves in the forest in the highlands. It’s all live, with no overdubs and no bullshit.

The pair’s strain of drone-doom is an all encompassing wall of sound; it’s rawness creating a truly unsettling and downright claustrophobic atmosphere, enough to drain you of your spirit and tarnish your soul. V was played and recorded live by OMMADON on The Hill Of Maud in the Scottish Highlands over the winter of 2012/13 and it was mastered by Billy Anderson (Eyehategod, Sleep, High On Fire).

V will be released on 180g double gatefold vinyl, limited to 300 copies, by three of the globe’s best underground labels. It’ll be a co-release between Dry Cough Records in the UK, Burning World Records in The Netherlands and Domestic Genocide Records in the USA.

V track list:
1. I (Sides A & B) [47:52]
2. II (Sides C & D) [40:22]

David Tobin – Guitar
Ewan Mackenzie – Drums/Keyboards

V will be available to pre-order from 14 July 2014.

OMMADON will also be hitting the roads of the UK next month which also includes a tour with Horse Latitudes & Coltsblood, see below for the complete listings.

17/07/14 – UK Edinburgh – The Banshee Labyrinth (w. Okus, Gaze and xSAXONx)
18/07/14 – UK Glasgow – The 13th Note (w. Okus, Gaze, xSAXONx and Debacle)
23/07/14 – UK Newcastle – The Head Of Steam (w. Horse Latitudes, Coltsblood and Bong)
24/07/14 – UK London – The Black Heart (w. Horse Latitudes and Coltsblood)
25/07/14 – UK Nottingham – Stuck On A Name Studios (w. Horse Latitudes, Coltsblood and Bismuth)
26/07/14 – UK Bristol – St. John The Baptist Crypt (w. Horse Latitudes, Coltsblood and Bast)
27/07/14 – UK Liverpool – Maguire’s Pizza Bar (w. Horse Latitudes and Coltsblood)

Horse Latitudes / Coltsblood / Ommadon - UK Tour 2014

Source: Mysterious Guy PR