Ommadon Complete Recording Of New Album


Ommadon’s new self-titled album has been mastered by none other than doom guru and recording legend Billy Anderson, who has given it the final crushing, bottom-end sound it deserves. These two punishingly slow and heavy tracks of morbid, majestic emptiness clock in at just over 70 minutes. The riffs are slower, heavier, and doomier than ever and ambient-noise takes us into the realm of a trance-inducing, nightmare-laden riff-apocalypse.

The entire monster has again been self-recorded and mixed in Ommadon’s forest lair: all live with no overdubs. Rather than let modern technology drive the music through endless reams of overdubs and splicing, Ommadon embrace the craft and idiosyncrasy of capturing a moment of devastating heaviness that could never be precisely reproduced. No trickery and no bullshit.

Their previous recordings have been self-released and are free to download at but they are now looking for someone to release the beast.

If any labels wish to hear how Ommadon got even heavier, contact Tobin at magic [at] ommadon [dot] co [dot] uk to hear their new material.

Ommadon are:
Ewan (Snowblood, Dextro) (Drums, keyboards, noise)
Tobin (Snowblood, Ultimo-Dragon) (guitars, noise)