Mars Red Sky Confirmed For Roadburn 2012

Roadburn 2012 - Mars Red Sky

Followers of the fuzz, rejoice! Mars Red Sky, hailing from Bordeaux, France, have been confirmed for Roadburn Festival 2012.

The band’s self-titled debut ranks amongst the very best releases in the current bumper crop of European heavy, jam-based psychedelia. However, Mars Red Sky eschew jamming into oblivion in favour of quality songs, underpinned by a massive groove and topped off by the sweet, high-pitched croon of guitarist Julian Pras or bassist Jimmy Kinast’s bluesy David Eugene Edwards-style vocals.

Superficially, the band isn’t cutting edge, but it’s Mars Red Sky‘s ability to craft infectious hooks, subdued melodies and the lack of ego masturbation by the individual musicians that sets them apart from their peers, and turn their fuzz-fronted, memorable riff-explorations into a riff-worshippers dream. Mars Red Sky will play on Saturday, April 14 at the 013 venue.

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