Justin Broadrick Releases A Video Teaser From Forthcoming JK Flesh Album ‘Posthuman’

JK Flesh 'Posthuman' Artwork

It comes with great pleasure to present another taster from the forthcoming JK Flesh album, Posthuman, released on 3by3 on 30th April.

This time, Ambigraph have put together a slideshow video which showcases their amazing design and photography for the JK Flesh project and for all you audiophiles out there, the sampled track ‘Idle hands‘ is also available to stream at higher quality on Soundcloud.

The final teaser will land next week ahead of Justin’s performances at Roadburn 2012. In the meantime, get your head crushed by some monolithic riffage and read on for more information about this titanic release!…

Godflesh, Head of David, Napalm Death, Techno Animal, Jesu, Greymachine, Palesketcher – just some of the projects from the insanely prolific Justin Broadrick, who in his new relationship with 3by3, raises his Techno Animal moniker JK Flesh from the dead for it’s debut full-length outing, to once again prove his mastery of all things brutal.

Posthuman certainly resembles the darker side of Broadrick‘s sound (circa Techno Animal, Godflesh and Greymachine) but simultaneously contextualises this within the unfamiliar turf of the post-dubstep/industrial canon pushed by 3by3, finding a fitting home in the process.

The result is an album of soul-crushingly dark beats and bass, layered with Broadrick‘s inimitable guitar and vocal fuzz, providing a stark contrast to 2010’s Palesketcher output, that will resonate with fans of Godflesh and the post-dubstep landscape alike.

Recorded in Broadrick’s newly built studio in the secluded countryside of Northern Wales, Posthuman’s clear reference to his upbringing in the harsh industrial sprawl of Birmingham would at first seem ironic. However, given his recent collaborations with Techno Animal co-conspirator and long-time collaborator Kevin Martin (The Bug/King Midas Sound), it would seem Broadrick is once again happy to explore his more depraved sonic tendencies.

Across nine monolithic slabs of pure carnage, JK Flesh is established as a project in its own right; showcasing a clear but dynamic sound that flows seamlessly from the pumping basslines of Earthmover, through the cavernous drone of Underfoot, to the melodic, live musicianship of Walk Away, all via the balls-out distortion of Punchdrunk.

JK Flesh arrives in 2012 to show how proper dark side pressure is done – with authenticity and regard.


Source: Rarely Unable