JUNIOR BRUCE Premiere Their New Album ‘The Headless King’ Via MetalSucks

Junior Bruce

Florida’s JUNIOR BRUCE have finalized the details surrounding the release of their debut 12″ ‘The Headless King’ which can be streamed over at the MetalSucks webzine HERE.

Fronted by vocalist Scott Angelacos of Bloodlet fame, JUNIOR BRUCE‘s debut album continues along the sludgy path paved by their predecessors. With no intention of rehashing their musical past, JUNIOR BRUCE take a sharp turn into territory riddled with straightforward grooves, huge stoner riffs and gruff, yet melodic vocals.

The Headless King‘ is available now from A389 Recordings and comes with the choice of Red/Black or Green vinyl.

Junior Bruce - The Headless King - Vinyl


Photo Credit: Pamela Bendezu