Jucifer Added To Lineup For Roadburn 2012

Roadburn 2012 - Jucifer

Notorious for their use of massive amplification and their nomadic lifestyle, Jucifer are pioneers of the sludge / doom metal two-piece. Whereas Gazelle Amber Valentine and Edgar Livengood‘s eclectic tracks range from grunge to folk and doom (especially on their albums), Jucifer‘s adrenaline-soaked live-show is usually a harsh display of doom, drone and sludge created with throat-ripping screams, a guitar and a drum kit.

Valentine cranks out riffs simple and as jagged as chainsaw blades while Livengood pounds his kit as if the Grim Reaper is at his heels. Their no-frills, stripped-down approach strongly reflects the same artistic exploration and malevolent energy of contemporaries like Harvey Milk, Eyehategod, Cavity, Floor and Crowbar. In case Jucifer is still one of the best bands you have never heard, do yourself a favor and bask in their sheer brutal heaviness on Saturday, April 14th at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland.

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