Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus To Roar Like Scar At DesertFest London 2015

Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus

Jeremy Irons & the Ratgang Malibus, is astral-progressive prairie rock with authentic, audio-visual roots in a 1970s music landscape.

This band is the musical, northwest passage between classic rock and the unholy spirit of Pink Floyd.

It’s like finding an interstellar sound portal to a hidden space desert, that only can be seen and heard through a kaleidoscope, which is blessed by a spiritual shaman from Saturn.

The band’s latest album Spirit Knife is perhaps the ultimate record for inner and outer road tripping beyond all boundaries. But have no fear of getting lost, the soundscape and the groove serves as your existential guide and compass, through the purple mist of the desert.

There’s a lot of retro rock kicking around at the moment, but Spirit Knife wipes the floor with the lot.” -Amit Sharma, Metal Hammer UK

DesertFest London 2015 takes place over the weekend of the 24th-26th April 2015 across 3 venues in Camden, London, weekend tickets are available now from Leeds Tickets.