JARBOE To Release INDEMNITY On Vinyl This September Via Burning World

Jarboe - Photo by Marilyn Chen

Burning World Records is proud to present a new release on the label: JARBOEIndemnity on vinyl. JARBOE of course is well known from her work with Swans/World Of Skin in the 80s and 90s but is also a influential artist in her own right. Indemnity contains interpretations of classics from Swans and World Of Skin selected from JARBOE albums Indemnity I and II. The album will be available on gold and black vinyl and will be available this September.

If you are not familiar with JARBOE, please read the quotes from Allmusic.com below:

“Jarboe, who has always preferred to be known by her sole name, has long been known as one of the fiercest spirits in modern music. She is an intelligent and aggressive artist possessed of striking musical skill who has rejected the music industry’s all-too-easy stereotyping and exploitation to create shockingly powerful visions. Helping strongly in this is her one-of-a-kind vocal talent, ranging from emotive blues/gospel tones to wild shrieking, matching excellently with her wide-ranging preference in musical styles.”

“Jarboe possesses a lovely contralto normally, but she’s not content to croon. In fact, she’s always been interested in limits, the pushing, breaking, and transcending of them as she expands her own aesthetic universe.” (Allmusic.com)

For Indemnity JARBOE has reinterpreted these Swans and World Of Skin classics in her own way.

Jarboe 'Indemnity' Artwork

The tracklist:

Universal Emptiness
Holy Money
The Child’s Right
Blood & Honey

Celebrity Lifestyle
Miracle Of Love
I Am The Sun
My Tall Man (live)


Photo Credit: Marilyn Chen