Introducing The Arkestral Jamband RIVERCREST


On the threshold of the new time, RIVERCREST invites you to join their travel beyond the dimensions of the earthly measurements.

After 10 years of flowing through various psychedelic landscapes, rocky grooves and eerie windy whisperings, the sound has been captured. The first official record has been released on 21/12/2012.

RIVERCREST invite you to follow the stream, bring your fantasy, dance to eternity, plunge in to the void.

…Create Infinite Energy…

RIVERCREST is a Belgian arkestral jamband, droning space rhythms seasoned with a psychonauts dose of kraut. Whirling through the underground since 2002, playing at several weird and unearthly occasions, RIVERCREST is the ultimate freak out experience…

Check the official and other albums on and there available to order via

Timo: Drums and Percussion
Trikke: Electric Bass, Vocals
Etherik: Eclectric Guitar, Synths, Vocals, Recording & Production
Pigeon: Eclectric Guitar
Don el Binar: Trumpet, Electric Guitar
Jah Minte: Percussion, Theremin, Digeridoo, FX
VC: Saxophone
Bess Sci-Fi Lo-Fi, Keys

May the music always be with us on this strange trip called life…