Introducing Primitive Doomers ATOMIC CRIES

Atomic Cries

ATOMIC CRIES is Saúl Do Caixão and Andy Lippoldt (of Persistence In Mourning), who play primitive doom metal exclusively. They have a new demo out now, the cassette is due out very soon (next week or so, they hope), the digital version can already be purchased for a minimum of $1 on their Bandcamp page HERE and you can also stream it below.

The band commented on the formation of ATOMIC CRIES:
“We succumbed to the gaudy lure of Facebook’s marketing prowess and have a page here, which you can “like” and all that nonsense…

Our music is a slow downer – can’t really tell you what to expect other than the fact that we think it’s great and we guarantee no flares, God, Jesus, Satan, occult cobblers, aliens or dragons. Just Primitive Doom Metal, rather unlike anything else currently doing the rounds.

And if you like it, tell others – we are putting the finishing touches to two new tracks which are even better, and we’re looking for a label to put them out as a 7”, so any suggestions there are heartily welcomed, as indeed are any blogs who might be interested in reviewing this release.

Thank you all for your time.

Hail Sabbath

Saúl Do Caixão/A. Lippoldt”

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