INCANDESCENCE Returns From The Ether With Two New Remixes


After a year long hiatus, INCANDESCENCE, the oddball ambient electronic arm of Paul (ex-Reth, Narcosis, Tangaroa, current Diascorium & Sloth Hammer), has pushed free of the grave and become an active entity again. After releasing 8 albums, 2 eps, 1 split, 1 remix double album in a 7 year period, the bug has bitten again.

Returning with two remixes that have been, for now, posted on Youtube, you can hear the entire ‘Monoliths and Dimensions‘ album by Sunn o))) given a new identity, and the ambient Burzum piece ‘Tomhet‘ smashed to pieces, kicked about and swept up into a bag, shaken about and glued back together.

There are more to follow, with Goatsnake’s ‘Raw Curtains’ next to take a beating, the outcome of which will surprise you… A full second volume double album of ‘Interpretations’ will follow in the footsteps of volume one, which featured reworkings of King Crimson, Kampfar, Necrophagist, Twin Zero, Interlock and more.



If you’re interested in hearing any / all of these, email paulrawnerve [at] gmail [dot] com or go to for the links.