Huata Added To Lineup For Voivod’s Au-delà du Réel at Roadburn 2012

Roadburn 2012 - Huata

Roadburn very pleased to announce that Huata will bring their vintage stoner doom ceremony to Voivod‘s curated Au-delà du Réel event at the 2012 Roadburn fest on Friday, April 13th at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland.

Hailing from France, Huata‘s debut album, Atavist of Mann, is downtuned heaviness at its most carnal; the band excavates occult atmospheres by way of hammond organs, thick lysergic riffs and gloomy rituals that show a disturbingly blackened picture of the dark arts.

With the addition of Huata to Voivod‘s curated Au-delà du Réel event , the line-up for Friday, April 13th is complete.

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