HORSE LATITUDES: New Limited Vinyl ‘Black Soil’ Out Now On Doomentia Records

Horse Latitudes

When speaking about ‘Black Soil’, draws a parallel in between what ALUK TODOLO are to black-metal and what HORSE LATITUDES are to doom, like a strange entity that cannot be tamed. And they’ve got a point. First off, those weirdos have ever been what you can call your typical doom band in the first place. And their extensive use of not one but TWO bass players and lack of guitar is just a part of the riddle… See, those three Finns have always been first and foremost about repetition. And there’s always been something very ritualistic about their music, as if it was their way of entering the next world. And this has never been as vibrant as on this brand-new 12” MLP.

This being said, ‘MLP’ might not be the most appropriate term as the whole thing clocks at nearly 40 minutes, with the song “Eternal Spring” swallowing the whole B side. And whereas on the flipside both “Black Soil” and “Forest” present a quite versatile face full of analog synths, death growls and vibrant drumming, this final epic of 17 + minutes take their already legendary sense of minimalism to new heights. If at some point the song seems to come to a halt, it finishes off on an almost hysterical and black-metal like note, encompassing how truly out-of-this-world HORSE LATITUDES are.

Horse Latitudes 'Black Soil' Vinyl

MLP, album, whatever: it doesn’t matter. But what does is HORSE LATITUDES sound like no-one else. And ‘Black Soil’ is the finest proof of that.

Black Soil’ is out now on Doomentia Records and this slab of wax is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl enshrouded in a 350gsm metallic full colour sleeve with a cassette version to follow in the coming weeks.