GREAT ATTRACTOR Release Limited CD Via Reverb Worship; Stream Now Available On The Inarguable

Great Attractor - CD 2013

Reverb Worship is delighted to announce the release of GREAT ATTRACTOR and today The Inarguable are streaming these ethereal soundcapes at THIS LOCATION.

This is a superb solo project from Neddal Ayad, who also graced the Floating World album Reverb Worship did a while ago, in fact all three musicians (Amanda Votta and Grey Malkin from The Hare And The Moon) from that album all appear on this recording too in addition to the voice of Lithuanian singer Daina Dieva.

What we have here is a album which comes across like some galactic space transmission.It begins with “Black Star” which buzzes, hums and sizzles with distorted effects and feedback which dies down to near silence from which we get a mournful vocal amidst angular strummed guitar and keyboards.The second and final track “Tropic Of Cancer/Tropic Of Capricorn” is one of those pieces of music that seems to evolve and reveal more and more each time you listen to it.It has a strange rhythmic breathing pattern (or is it a treated drum loop ?) with morphing and skyscraping guitar moves and synth patterns which gradually build and develop into some kind of out there Popul Vuhesque film soundtrack.

The album has been mastered beautifully by Amanda Votta. Its cover artwork was done by Prins Preben and is printed on 210 gsm white artcard. This CD is available now in a limited edition of 50 copies for £6.50 (UK), £7.50 (Euro) & £9.00 (USA & ROW) at the PayPal address