GODHUNTER’s City Of Dust Out Now; Full Album Streaming At The Obelisk

Godhunter - Photo by Andrew Weiss

GODHUNTER’s City Of Dust, the monolithic debut full-length release from these antagonistic protesters, is now officially out today.

A cooperatively released album, City Of Dust is the second title for both Earsplit’s new label, The Compound, and GODHUNTER’s own Battleground Records, the record thundering with the most concise, diverse, and infectious hymns from the politically-motivated Tucson, Arizona-based outfit’s fairly extensive discography to date. Through a fifty-minute dust storm of pulverizing, groove-laden, resin-coated sludge metal intensity, this brutally honest outcry boasts thought-provoking, thematic tirades against the governmental members and parties the residents who embody GODHUNTER feel are directly responsible for a wide array of vital societal issues effecting their home region, including equal rights, a widespread water shortage, immigration and more.

And now, underworld rock outlet, The Obelisk, is helping spread the word on GODHUNTER’s proud introductory full-length with a track-by-track breakdown of its epic concept, positioned alongside a full stream of City Of Dust, in part stating of the album, “the eight component tracks of the 49-minute album come across with staggering intensity despite what’s usually a fairly grueling pace. It is as much a multi-chapter sludgecore manifesto as it is a collection of memorably-riffed songs,” later adding, “they’ve presented a multifaceted and passionate foundation from which to progress. On any angle from which you might want to approach it, City Of Dust is more than just a sludge record.

Unload and explore the torrid City Of Dust at The Obelisk, RIGHT HERE.

Godhunter 'City Of Dust' Artwork

Order the eco-friendly digipak CD version of City Of Dust from Earsplit Distro alongside a stack of other GODHUNTER merch HERE and the digital via the band HERE. The deluxe, 180-gram LP version of the album is now in production and preorders and details on its’ release will be available in the coming weeks.

Now, with the primary objective of releasing City Of Dust now complete, GODHUNTER is fully immersed in the second phase of the attack, with several regional tour offensives underway, including an upcoming West Coast run with Oakland, California’s Secrets Of The Sky to be announced in the coming days. It’s going to be a busy year for this regiment; you’ve hereby been notified.

And if you missed it, you can read Sandy’s review for the album HERE and also an interview with guitarist Jake Brazelton HERE.


Source: Earsplit PR
Photo Credit: Andrew Weiss