GHOLD Join Ritual Productions; Full-Length Album To Be Released In Early 2015

Ghold - Photo by Daniel Ali

Ritual Productions are thrilled to announce the signing of weight and grunt power duo GHOLD.

The alchemic duo fuse elements of power violence, doom, gloom and heavy rock with enchanting vocal incantations. Since their inception in 2012, GHOLD have been steadily amassing fans of their filthy jams, following their self-released, self-titled demo in 2012, an LP, Cassette and CD release in 2013, and from countless shows performing alongside the likes of Stephen O’Malley, Yob, Pallbearer & Årabrot.

It was at one of these live shows, a sonic mass in St. John The Baptist’s Crypt, Bristol in March 2012 to be exact, which first brought Ritual Productions’ 11Paranoias and London-based GHOLD together for an evening amongst the bones of the devout (both living and deceased). An unholy matrimony was forged, and it was decided that Ritual Productions would become the home for GHOLD‘s upcoming full-length album, Of Ruin, which shall be released in early 2015.

About the signing GHOLD comment…”We are honoured to announce, our next full-length offering Of Ruin will be released in early 2015 by Ritual Productions. The label’s dedication to the fields of the skull crushingly heavy and miasmically weird will be the perfect casket in which to rest our sonic bones.”

GHOLD Live Rituals:
07.11.14 w/ Bismuth, Bayonne Bleeder – The Wagon & Horses, Birmingham
08.11.14 w/ Necro Deathmort, Skulldozer – Islington Mill, Salford
09.11.14 w/ Dragged into Sunlight, Bong, 11Paranoias, NDM – Exchange, Bristol

In the meantime, get your GHOLD fix by streaming 2013’s Galactic Hiss EP below which is also available as a Name Your Price download from their Bandcamp page.

Source: Rarely Unable
Photo Credit: Daniel Ali