DYSTOPIA: Human=Garbage Streaming At Cvlt Nation; 20 Year Anniversary Reissue To Drop Next Month Via Tankcrimes


With the official reissue of the iconic Human=Garbage debut full-length from legendary West Coast sludge metal/crust punk missionaries, DYSTOPIA, just a few weeks away, Cvlt Nation offers up the record in its filth-ridden entirety.

Initially released in 1994 as a five-track LP on the band’s own Life Is Abuse and Misanthropic Records, then followed in CD format as a twelve-track brutalizer with help from Common Cause in Germany, DYSTOPIA existed as a four piece with Mindrot’s Dan Kaufman on lead vocals, their doom-laden, metal-tinged, down-tuned punk and “love earth-hate people” credo reaping instant adoration from the Orange County underground upon forming. The pure, unadulterated anger and misery that pervades this record places it among the most alarming, depressing and plainly misanthropic offerings in creation.

Witness Human=Garbage in all its cynical glory courtesy of Cvlt Nation.

Dystopia 'Human=Garbage' Artwork

Included on the Tankcrimes edition are tracks from the band’s 1993 splits with Grief and Embittered as well as one additional tune only previously released on the CD collection. Visually, DYSTOPIA took influence from both anarcho-punk collage art and graffiti culture, blending images of societal decay, inner turmoil and humanity’s destruction of the planet to create a style that goes hand in hand with the music. The Human=Garbage 2014 version includes a sixteen-page lyric booklet, the imagery proving indispensable alongside these twelve tracks.

Set for official unveiling on October 14th, 2014, the Tankcrimes reissue comes packaged as a double LP on clear vinyl with the aforementioned 7” x 7″ sized booklet as well as a download card for the digitally astute. The release will come available on CD as well.

Preorder your copy today at the Tankcrimes webstore.