DEVILSTONE OPEN AIR 2013 11th-14th July 2013, Lithuania w/ ORANGE GOBLIN, KADAVAR, ENSLAVED & Many More!

Devilstone 2013

Devilstone Open Air, a unique festival of diverse metal music and delirious rock ‘n’ roll spirit, comes back again to the fantastic landscape of Anykščiai, Lithuania, on 11–14 July 2013. The 5TH Edition brings together worldwide celebrated musicians, prospective local bands, and a handful of innovative attractions to suit every taste.

This year the two main stages will host 28 international performers. Headliners position at Devilstone Open Air 2013 is safely secured by the notorious Norwegians ENSLAVED. Formed over 20 years ago, today ENSLAVED remains one of the most unique bands in Norway holding an exceptional position in the heavy music world. Fusing the wisdom of psychedelic rock with icy Norwegian black metal, ENSLAVED delivers the ultimate enigmatic experience!

The headliners of the East Stage are the classic heavy/stoner metalheads ORANGE GOBLIN from the UK. Blending the heavy metal essence with the drive of rock ’n’ roll and punkish unpredictability, ORANGE GOBLIN embrace the experimentations. Highly sought in many festivals worldwide, these chaps will off-load your extra energy.

The Swedish extremists SHINING come to the Devilstone Open Air on 11-14 July to give yet another shocking performance. Established back in 1996, today SHINING are renowned for wacky musical experiments and scandalous madness on stage. Having release eight albums, the band is praised for dynamic compositions, expressive psychedelics, singing vocal and peculiar acoustic elements. The lead singer Niklas Kvarforth is an exceptional character – he masters multiple instruments, creates original compositions, and has a reputation of the scandalous bastard preceding him. SHINING’s music is a pure aural psychosis with a no less eccentric view.

Another special treat is the talented Berlin trio – KADAVAR. Highly praised for unbelievable speed, KADAVAR brilliantly reconstructs the psychedelic vibe of the 70s sharpening it with charged guitar solos and intense compositions. The Nuclear Blast Records representatives confidently claim that boys are ”artisans of their profession and can be legitimately titled the pioneers of Germany’s occult rock movement”.

Running up next is another Norwegian band – the enchanting black ‘n’ rollers KOLDBRANN. Their latest album “Vertigo” (2013) organically fuses psychedelic and furious rock ‘n’ roll. The Swedish trio KONGH adds more heavyweight material delivering the heaviness of sludge/doom, the darkness of black metal, the brutality of death metal, and experimental prog rock. The dirty energy and scornful black metal ideally go together promising breathtaking live performances.

The Polish post-rockers TIDES FROM NEBULA bring in the element of surprise at Devilstone Open Air. TIDES FROM NEBULA convey the emotional instrumental post rock inspired by the grandeur of savage nature, dramatics and ambient serenity. Next to that, SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT continues the mood inducing psychedelic hypnosis. Combining mesmerising melodies with crushing rifs, the band appeals to psychedelic and space rock lovers alike.

Another treat for music lovers are the Ukrainian stoner/psychedelic band STONED JESUS. Their latest album Seven Thunders Roar summarizes the band’s credo – progressive riffs, 60s psychedelic, experimental structures, and fierce atmosphere combined in harmony.

In addition to notable performances, there’s also MetalClinic’s creative workshops, Masterclasses, nocturnal dancing fiestas Rockthèque, late-night absurd cinema screenings, dark arts exhibition, fun and arduous MC Growl fights, and much more! Plenty of attractions and exciting competitions to ensure extremely good time.

Devilstone Open Air is this summer’s must for creative minds and quality time lovers! Check out the video trailer below.

The tickets are available online at a ridiculously low price – only 27 EUR. The prospective visitors can reserve the tickets now securing the lowest price and pay upon arrival. Ticket reservation is free of charge and all info can be found HERE.